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Rovers Bingo
£20 FREE, plus a FREE go on Spin the Wheel

20 FREE, plus a FREE go on Spin the Wheel

Rovers bingo is one of the newest online bingo sites to hit our computers, mobiles and tablets! Put quite simply, it is the best around. We adore it at Fantastic Bingo, because it does not disappoint in any way and we can assure you that it is an absolute joy to play on.

It has a super easy registration process and gives you FREE money left right and centre, starting with the £20 bonus. Can you tell that it's one of my favs yet? 

Once you've registered and got your £20 bonus, you then get a free go on the spin the wheel game. It's ACE, you can win between £10 and £2,500. Plus, there are only 11 different segments that it can land on, so quite easy to get a higher denomination. Don't forget though, it's a free go, so even if you win the £10, it's yippee time!

The games that they offer are really sharp and fast. Not too much waiting around between every game like there is on most bingo sites. The graphics are up to the minute and are attractive to both sexes. The cool little puppy dog “Rover” is so cute, I want him! My favourite bingo mascot by far! He reminds me a bit of Benny from TopCat, who I also love.  He's also been likened to "Hong Kong Fuey"!

Rovers Bingo offer the usual 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, which are clearly everybody's favourite and ever so popular! Plus, Rovers offer scratchcards, table games and multi-line slots too. All of which offer free go's and bonuses, look out for those free spins!

If you're not playing on a free game, then you can expect to be playing for as little as 1p. The jackpots are anything between £20 and a huge £1,000. The progressives are worth looking at too, obviously with it being such a new site, they are not massive like some of the older sites, but I certainly wouldn't say no!

You won't be surprised to hear us saying that the promotions on Rovers Bingo are also THE BEST! They are changed and updated on a regular basis and they keep in line with any seasonal changes.

Rovers Bingo is brought to us by the 15 Network organisation and they too are relatively new and therefore don't have tons of other bingo sites. This is excellent news for us bingo players, because they are offering something unique and quirky which catches our attention. toegether with the fabulous promotions on offer, they will keep our interest up and keep us coming back for more!

You can pre-buy tickets for any games which you may like the look of that start at a later date. I love doing this, but I just put a small amount on, that way, even if I forget to log on at the gamestart time, when I do log back on, I sometimes have a pleasant surprise waiting for me :-D

The chat rooms are super dooper! The chat moderators are incredibly friendly and efficient; they have regular chat games and are really welcoming. They are very clued up on the ins and outs of the site too and so they can offer you any help you might need. Failing that, there is also a live help section and an email help option. There's also a handy HELP page in case you prefer to suss it out yourself. (I'm thinking of the men there, but tried to put it politely lol).

So come on peeps, surely I've convinced you that this is the site to be seen on!

Woof woof!

Reviewed by: Janet

10/10 – Highly Recommended – Our No. 1 Bingo Site

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